Friday, July 25, 2014

What's in a purse?

So my friends and I had a sort of "girls night out" last night and in between getting off work and meeting up with them, I stopped by Lowe's. I'm in desperate need of a new kitchen faucet as mine  has a broken ring valve thing (whatever it was my uncle said) and leaks. I also want to switch out the chandelier in the dining room to a semi-flush mount because a) it's not centered over the table and b) I keep banging my head into it. I mean, I'd love to have a fancy chandelier but my house just isn't really designed for it. So anyway, I found the stuff I liked/needed and was about to load it up when I remembered that I'd gotten some coupons in the mail this week. I could have SWORN that I'd put the coupons in my purse but alas, a quick dig through it yielded nothing but the notion that I seriously needed to clean out my purse. It was so full of receipts and junk that I couldn't find anything!
So I didn't get the stuff--I'll go back later--but when I got home, I emptied out my purse. Coupons weren't anywhere to be found in there. But I did find a few interesting things. Like, two dollars I didn't know I had. Three packets of Sonic ketchup. Two butter knives I'd forgotten that I'd thrown in there. (don't ask) A cherry stem. Yes. The stem of a maraschino cherry from the last time my friends and I went to Sonic for milkshakes. A twist tie.
Also in there was a bag of Sonic peppermints, a box of breath mints, a hair clip, a car charger for my phone, two pens, a comb,  hand lotion, the case that came with my current glasses and now holds my iPhone cords, the box from a previous pair of glasses that holds birthday money I'm saving, my wallet, bag of hair and nail accessories for "emergencies", Advil liquid-gels, a coupon book for campus eateries, and eleventy billion receipts.
Needless to say, my purse is a little bit cleaner inside this morning.
Oh, and also? I found the Lowe's coupons on the dining table with the rest of this week's opened mail. So much for having put them in my purse. *sigh*

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Campus Life

Today's 1.25 mile walk. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


So twice this week alone I've heard  two different people pronounce the word "queue" as kewy (rhymes with chewy) and I thought, "Crap. I've been pronouncing it wrong all these years." I pronounce it "kew" or the same as "cue". 

I hate when I think I'm dumber than I realize so I looked it up on for the pronunciation. They have it described as "kyoo" which I'm interpreting to be more like my "kew/cue" pronunciation.

Anybody want to weigh in on this? Am I saying it right? Or are they "kewy" people right? Halp!


Everything you want to know can be found on Youtube, apparently. haha

Monday, July 21, 2014

Frozen Mania

Alyssa's chosen birthday party theme this year is Frozen, of course. Her party is a mere four weeks away so party planning/buying is in full on overdrive. Unfortunately, everyone else is hot to buy Frozen things, too, so tracking down what Lyssa wants for her party has been a PITA. I've searched for Frozen things so much lately that every web page I pull up (blogs I read, etc) has this ad on it somewhere.

Every. Single. Page.

Which is really funny because I actually did search on Zazzle and couldn't find ANYTHING that we actually needed. lol

Also funny? How very little Frozen stuff the actual Disney site has. Seriously, the biggest Disney film ever and tracking down merchandise is an experiment in torture. And what you do find has been marked up to ridiculous prices or sells out within hours.

Get on the ball, Disney!

Meanwhile, I'm officially broke. A hazard of being the aunt who doesn't have children is I feel obligated to help Sis2 out with buying things. She hasn't asked, mind you. I just know who strapped for cash they are and how much Lyssa's counting on having a spectacular party so I've near about melted my credit card. *sigh*

Oh well. She only turns seven once, right? hehehe

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Not my typical Sunday afternoon. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Libby equivalent of asking, "Do you wanna build a snowman?"

Friday, July 18, 2014

Sometimes I sneak away from my friends...

...just to enjoy my Panda in some peace and quiet. 

Weekend Review: The Week Late Addition

I think I promised a weekend review Wednesday and then I went for a walk yesterday and forgot. My bad! (Do people still say that? People other than me?)

It's never too late to review a weekend, though, right? So without further ado, here tis.

My sweet Granny had a birthday Saturday so naturally we took her out to supper Saturday night. The super small community nearest where I live has a diner now that we like to visit about once a month. Actually, the diner's been around for a little over a year now, but you know. Still new. Anyway, we (Mama, Daddy and Aunt Grace) took her to the diner for a fried catfish supper. We both (she and I) got a little surprise when we walked in and spotted my aunt (Daddy's sister) and most of her family. Well, her husband and one of her kids and two of his kids. And his current girlfriend and  her kids.

Excuse me for a moment while I go off on a little tangent here.

Shouldn't you have been dating long enough for your parents to know that you're dating a person before you bring that person and two of her children to a family gathering? In all seriousness, my aunt said she found out 30 minutes prior to supper that my cousin had a new girlfriend. I still thought he was dating the woman he brought to Granny's house for Easter. But seriously, is it really fair to subject your extended family to your new plaything when you've barely been dating long enough to know each other's last names? Is it really fair to the new girlfriend, either?

ALSO, shouldn't you, like, INTRODUCE THE POOR GIRL!

Seriously. None of us ever even learned her name. Not even his parents.

Anyway, back to Granny...We had a nice supper. I sat across from my cousin's 18-year-old son and teased him. And he made fun of me when I spilled a bit of my Coke. haha

The catfish was good, of course, which means I cleaned my plate. Yum.

I miss it. Can I go back tonight?

I had baked a cake earlier and we had dropped it off at Granny's house on the way to supper so we ended up going back to her house for dessert. Well, all but my cousin and his new girl toy and kids. We ate cake and ice cream and laughed. I yawned a lot and got made fun of, seeing as how I was the  youngest person there and everyone else was really lively. What can I say? I was tired.

I hope I age as well as Granny.
She's 81 and doesn't look a day over 70. ;-)

Granny's dog, Penny, was disappointed
that no crumbs were dropped.

We sat around and talked for the longest time.
I had to sneak this pic in , though.

It was close to 9pm when I got home so of course I had to stay up with the Devil Pup for a little while. She was not happy at having been left out. We stayed up and watched My Haunted House on LMN which totally freaked me out. I can usually handle those types shows but this episode had a child ghost on it and for some reason, child ghosts freak me out!
I had to stay up an extra thirty minutes just to calm down. Not even joking.
Sunday was just the usual stuff. Church. Lunch with the folks. After lunch Daddy and I watched my latest Netflix DVD, Nonstop. It was a good movie. Very intense, though. A real chair gripper.
And that was pretty much the most exciting things about last weekend. :-)