Sunday, August 17, 2014

We survived!!

The party is over and we all escaped with our lives. ;-)

More details and photos tomorrow. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Things I'm Loving

1.) Oikos Toasted Coconut Greek Yogurt. It really does taste more like toasted coconut than yogurt. I like to sprinkle some mini-chocolate chips in there and call it breakfast dessert.

2.) This French Onion Pasta. I've made it twice since Joy posted the recipe. The first time I added  some smoked sausages to the pasta when it was done. Last night's version was a quarter of the recipe and served as a side with chicken. I think you'd like it even if you don't normally like onions. The onions kinda melt into it and get all sweet and caramel-y.

3.) Kasey Musgraves' Same Trailor Different Park CD. I liked a couple of her songs when they first came out a while back but I didn't really fall in  love with her music until I saw the CMT Crossroads that she did with Katy Perry a couple months ago. So yeah, I had to buy her CD then. That Crossroads episode also cemented me as a Katy Perry fan but I haven't gotten any of her CD's yet. Waiting on my money situation to stabilize after this party business before investing in any more music.

4.) Victoria Dahl's latest book, Looking for Trouble. Yowza! That is one white hot read. I can't even...*fans self* Finished it in two sittings. Would have finished in one sitting but, you know, I had stuff to do.

5.) The fact that my fingernails are finally recovering from the nail polish I put on them FOUR FREAKING MONTHS AGO. Not even joking. I wore nail polish for Easter and ever since I removed it my nails have split and pealed and been generally grotesque. I've had to keep them super short in hopes of growing out of the peels. Just noticed yesterday that even though they are still super short, all of the peeled places are finally gone and they look like healthy nails again.

6.) These Brown Sugar Oatmeal Cookies. I made a half batch Saturday night and have been rolling around in them blissfully ever since. I added a handful of chopped pecans to mine. In the last batch I also threw in some mini-chocolate chips. I've eaten them for dessert, breakfast (with my yogurt) and pre-supper snack last night. I also smeared some mocha hazelnut spread on them at one point. They are just so good! Not dry like ghosts of oatmeal cookies past. These are chewy with a little crispiness on the edges, super sweet and just altogether yummy.

7.) This girl.

8.) The first season of Masters of Sex on DVD. Probably not something I should admit to watching but it's pretty interesting. A little naked at times, but the relationships and the characters are really interesting. The only real problem I have with it is that the male lead (Dr. Masters) is played by the same guy who portrayed the creepy mind reading Vulturi guy in the Twilight Saga movies whose name escapes me at the moment and I keep waiting for him to do something creepy and mean. haha

9.) My new kitchen faucet. Yes. I'm still on that. Last night was the first night since I got it that I didn't wash dishes. But that was mostly because my Monday night shows were about to come on. It's a Moen, in case you were wondering. Supposed to be super durable and long lasting.

10.) My boss being gone to a conference out of town this week. 'Nuff said.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

House Updates

So my faucet started leaking several months ago. I had to put a towel behind it just to wash dishes or run water at all or face mopping up my counter for days.

My handy uncle moved away almost a year ago so I was at a loss as to what to do to get it fixed. I didn't want to hire a plumber after my last gouging experience with one a couple years ago. My dad knows how to do that stuff but physically isn't in a good place to be crawling around under a sink. 

Thankfully, my uncle decided to come up to visit my grandparents and offered to help me out. While I had him, though, I also got him to switch out some light fixtures. Yay for Uncle R!!

Sort of in love with the new faucet. I actually raced it the sink to do dishes last night, I was so excited. haha

I love that it's a goose neck which means easy rinsing and easy pot filling. Also love the levers because I don't have to grasp any knobs to turn the water on. Handy for when my hands are gunked up. 

Then there's the new light fixture in the dining room. I went unconventional by swapping the chandelier for a semi-flush. With the fixture not centered over the table, a chandelier is just not practical. The semi flush is pretty and unobtrusive. Plus, I won't be smashing my head into it like I did the chandelier. 

The guest bedroom a also got a light upgrade just because. :-D

It's hard to see the details. I just can't get well lite pics of this room. But it's capiz adorned. Appropriate for the beach/cottage inspired guest bedroom. 

We also got a good long visit in with my aunt and uncle. We hadn't seen them since Christmas and won't see 'em again until this Christmas. 

Libby loved all the new people who awed at all her tricks that are common to me. lol

Got a few more projects on my list but I can (hopefully) tackle those on my own. 

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Back To School Blues

Lyssa started Second Grade yesterday. SECOND. GRADE. *sobs*  Seriously? How is she not still a tiny baby? Remember that?

Now she's all grownified with her adorable uniform and Frozen backpack. *sniffle

Such a darling girl.

And then there's THIS GIRL (with her BFF) who started EIGHTH stinkin' GRADE today. Eighth. As in last year of junior high...'scuse me, middle school. *whimper*  But how gorgeous are they? I kinda want to be 14 with them? And hang out and go to school with them? Except I'd probably not be cool enough?

I am getting so. old.

Ethan, bless his heart, has one more year to go before he starts kindergarten. He's informed his mama, though, that he will not be attending school next year or ever. He's going to stay home and his mama is going to teach him. His words, for real.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Personal Best

Most miles walked in one walk. Booya! 

Completed in 85 degree heat that feels like 100. 

Wanted to get in as much this morning as possible, tho since this afternoon is slated to be brutal. 


Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Summer Nights

They all look like some variation of this.

TV remote? Check. Book for during commercials? Check. Fluffy pup? Check. As much bare skin as possible without actually being naked or just in  my underwear? Check. All that's missing is the giant mug of coffee I normally indulge in around 7:30pm. :-D

Monday, August 04, 2014

Grandparental Update And Other Life Type Things

So they are all home from their respective hospitals now.

Granny is still weak and not up to par but feeling somewhat better. Daddy is still helping her out as best he can. Checking in on her periodically and taking the dog out for her. Basically keeping up with all the little things you don't think about until you're too sick to do them.

His Dad is doing as well as he ever will be, I suppose. He's given his wife a couple of scares but so far he's hanging in there.

Ma-Maw (Mama's step-mother) is home and having a hard time. The meds they have her own are messing with bodily functions of the unmentionable kind and she's moving really slowly. They have her on oxygen off an on. My aunts are taking turns staying with her this week and she goes back to the doctor Friday, I think, for a post op check-up. But the doctor said she's "living on borrowed time." Of course, the doctors told my dad's bio dad that DECADES ago. So...*shrug* who knows what that even means? Hopefully it means that whoever she's borrowing time from won't be selfish and cut her off! ;-)

As for the rest of us, we're making it. In full on party meltdown mode, trying to get Lyssa's birthday party planned. My credit card, banking account and budget are bleeding out on the floor right now. Weird since we got a little raise that kicked in in July and I'm broker than I've been in a LONG time. Next year, Lyssa is going to hafta be a big girl and be happy with a generically simple cake and ice cream party. I love her, but holy WOW has this birthday party business gotten out of hand! Ethan, bless his heart, just wants a Dusty Fire and Rescue cake and maybe a poster and he's happy. Boys are so much cheaper. lol

On the "just me" front, I'm sticking to the walking thing so far. I walked four out of seven days last week and twice today. I'm pushing for two miles a day. If it weren't so blame hot, I think I'd be okay to push a little harder but this afternoon liketa killed me. It was only 81 degrees but it felt like 100 in the sun. Blah.

Have not really lost any weight but I haven't really been all that careful with my calorie counting, either. I'm focusing on one thing at a time. Get the walking thing ingrained and then focus on the eating thing. One day, one step and one goal at a time.